A well-known investor again praised Polkadot

Mikael van de Poppe, a popular trader and founder of the investment company Eight, praised the Polkadot project. He noted that it lags behind its competitors in terms of price growth, however, it has long been considered a strong product. The specialist emphasized that he is in favor of investing in Layer1 products and other fundamental ecosystems.

The analyst assured that quotes in the DOT/BTC pair are at their local minimum in this cycle. This suggests that an explosive growth in the value of Polkadot is expected soon. According to the researcher’s assurances, his interest in this product is present because of the active development of the PEAQ project. It is a Polkadot parachain (DOT) that enables the deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) for vehicles, robots and devices.

Van de Poppe noted that developers have also focused on developing a DePIN focus. These are blockchain protocols that allow the creation, and maintenance of hardware infrastructure on an open and decentralized basis. The specialist noted that the number of developers in the Polkadot ecosystem is second only to Ethereum. In addition, he noted that the Polkadot SDK tool is very powerful.

Earlier, van de Poppe argued that an important feature of the innovative Polkadot 2.0 ecosystem will be the fact that its creators decided to emphasize the efficient and fair distribution of resources. According to him, parachain technology will flourish and bear fruit.

The investor also noted that the developers plan to introduce a consensus mechanism – Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS). It will allow holders of digital assets to appoint validators, which will enable decentralization and accelerate the growth of the number of users with voting rights.


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